SCCA #15 EP car wins SF region and advances to the nationals.
Drew is flown to Mid-Ohio to support the team

At Laguna Seca raceway in Salinas, CA #15 SCCA  EP team clinched the San Francisco region victory by a huge points lead. Drew had been coming out the races and helping out the team, functioning as a Data Aquisition specialist giving feedback to the Crew Chief on car setup and to the driver on what was making him faster.

"What Andrew did for us was really great" said Randy Downey, Crew Chief. The car was using a Race Technology GPS  based Data Aqusition system, the same one in Drew's Bonneville car.

"Its an awesome system, you can get any data you imagined. After you use a system like this you feel like you've been flying blind all those years before. It makes everyone honest, nobody can point fingers, you can see everything that was going on and relate everything the driver tells you to something mechanical. Its night and day having a system like this. A driver can tell you that hes faster but you KNOW and you know where hes faster and why. To someone who grew up as a programmer its a godsend". Drew said and Garland agreed so some late night testing sessions have followed ;)

Advancing to the National Championships at Mid Ohio Sports Car Course, the team qualified in the top ten while running on beat up tires. In the final race the right front tire was damaged in some minor scuffles during initial laps. "As soon as he leaned on that tire into the corner the car just wouldn't turn and shot right off the track" according to the Crew Chief. The car limped back to pit lane with a bad tire and retired from the race early. The car recieved only minor damages "We are all really looking forward to next year, it's definately a top five car". Check the media section for Speed Channel coverage of the race.

"It was a great experience working with the team. I  cant wait for next year" said Drew

Aaron Downey, the cars driver told Andrew after the National Race "Its really amazing what you been doing with that computer". Next years schedule for the #15 car follows:

Mar 17-19 Double National Thunderhill, Willows
April 21-23: CSCC Double National Buttonwillow
May 12-14 Regional + National Portland
June 2-3-4, 2006 Double National Pacific Raceways, Seattle
June 9-11 Rose Cup Reg + Nat + PCA Portland
Aug 4-6 Regional #7 / National Thunderhill, Willows