Preparation For Our Landspeed Challenge Car
El Mirage or Bust

Dropped off Drew's Eclipse GS-T spyder today at a fabricator for some custom metal fabrication work to be completed in preparations for Drew to run from the rookie line at the El Mirage dry lake bed. This is the entry race which will open the door for Drew to go all out and try to obtain a world record topseed at the next El Mirage race event. Drew is not new to doing topspeed runs, but this will be his first official entry into the competition. Drew has already accompllished a 200+mph blast on his motorcycle at Bonneville, as well as other unrecorded topspeed trials in both his car and his motorcycle. His goal this time around is to obtain a topspeed world record at El Mirage and to join the elite 200mph club at Bonneville, in his Mitisubishi Eclipse racecar. More to come as the race season progresses for Drew..