EP #15 car sets Portland LAP RECORD!
Refinement pays off for the team!

Drew here and writing quickly, as I am traveling to LA to pickup parts for the Bonneville car then flying out of LA to Portland for this weekends race! Then flying back to LA for a family reunion and driving the parts the back up to SF. It never quits!

Just received word that our last practice session at Portland set a new lap record in our class! 1:24.046. There is more left in the car! Suspension still isnt perfect and we are on some $50 shocks trying to get them physically setup right so we can move to Penskes! Oh yes and to top it off the tires we ran on were SHOT.   Two tires had been used in the nationals last year and the other two had THREE races on them. I  have to give it to Aaron for being a hell of a driver with those intimidation tactics that got us around the #1 qualifier. Randy the Crew chief did a hell of a job with the improvements in the car this season. They make my job easy I just read the data!

We have another 20kg of weight to reach minumum!

The rear tires were COLD on the edges at the end of the session! We can drop pressures even more and get more grip.