Whats been going on???
Checking in..

So its been a long while since anything has been posted, but there has been a lot going on here behind the scenes. With that said this is just a small list of the things that has been happening to each member. A glimpse so to say of what we have each been working on.

Abe- Abe has been keeping himself occupied over the weekend tearing things up with his white monster, as he has finalized his pump gas tune. With his AEM dialed in Abe's car is coming in roughly at 400whp on California's very own 91octane. We are all looking forward to seeing What’s to come of Abe's car as he still needs to work on his race gas tune.

Brian- Brian's car goes under some minor changes as a result of a mishap while on a leisurely drive in the mountains. Pics of the changes soon to come, but don't expect much because like I've previously mentioned already they are just minor changes.

Curtis- Curtis Chen has been a busy boy. he has been frantically preparing his car for this past Super Street Time Attack Event. Proudly I can say that his car took 1st place in the street tire limited class. Pics and a individual news update will be posted soon, but for the time being we all proudly say Congratulations to Curtis and the mad man that piloted his car to victory Matt Andrews, whom clenches onto that winning placard for dear life. Everyone here can't wait to see how well Curtis's car will do in the Hot Version American Touge Event coming soon.

Drew- Drew has upgraded his daily diver to something that suits him even more then his previous daily driver. Drew may have loved his Lexus SC300 and with that said the feelings his new daily driver gives him can almost be said to be something illegal. Look for pics of Drews new daily driver in his members page.

Garland- Garland finishes off his daily driver with some sweet upgrades to help him rule the touge. Garland has been a busy bee working on his car. He has outfitted the car with all urethane suspension bushings, fully adjustable coilovers and lastly a Quaife quickened steering rack. This little go-kart is starting to shape up into something to be afraid of.

Jason- Still biting his nails as he patiently awaits the day that he can go wide open throttle on his first ever turbo car. Any day now Jason will be making his trek from SoCal to the bay to turn the key on his long awaited turbo 240SX. In the mean time his list of future mods keeps extending longer and longer in his mind.