In the works
Douro Oni's busy bees

The first thing I would like to do is make mention of our new addition, Jose is a new member that has fallen into our ranks. For the moment Jose has not comprised a members page to represent himself.

Drew- Drew goes from Lexus SC300 > Lotus Elise > Toyota Supra turbo. Drew finally arrives at a Supra just as he vowed to do so long ago. With the new acquisition of his supra, he begins restoring it and setting things up to his specifications. A complete overhaul of the interior as well as the suspension just to name a couple of the things that he's been working on thus far. Look for updates, pics and a mods list for his supra soon in the members section. Douro Oni would also like to congratulate Drew on winning an Award from the SCTA for his Landspeed race efforts.

Abe- Abe has finally reached a plateau as far as the Evo goes for him, rather then spending more time and money on the Evo he decided to try something different for him. Abe has purchased a Supra turbo of his own as well. Coincidentally the car he purchased was from none other then our own Douro Oni member Garland. A farewell that Garland was easy about since he knows the car will be in good hands. Just like Drew, Abe is slowly restoring his supra and setting things the way he would like them, but unlike Drew there isn't much for Abe to restore as Garland was a very meticulous owner.

Jason- Jason's car is finally up and running. His excitement is off the charts this time, as he finally has his own car to wrench on and to drive insanely. Just like every other member of Douro Oni Jason is now starting his journey to restoration and refinement for his 240sx. Just like Brian he is on a limited budget, and just like Brian TLC for the car will have to make up for lack of finances for the time being.

Curtis- Curtis is coming back with a whole new bag of tricks for his car. After taking first place in the Super Street Time Attack for street tires class he had a long list of things that needed attention. The attention to detail and the need of refinement will be his key to even better lap times. To name some of the changes, he has shed a little bit of weight from his car, installed a better braking system, and is in the works for an upgrade in suspension. He has also gone as far as to change the appearance of things on his car as well. Curtis has changed the color of the car and changed his spoiler setup, to keep the appearance from becoming dull. On the flip side of things for Curtis, he is starting to come to a conclusion on the Modellista Designs JGTC widebody kit. Look for more information in the near future of the JGTC as it will be something spectacular.

Brian- Brian's car is still under construction. The changes on his car that he is implicating is nothing too drastic but to list some of the changes he has done, he has installed some new Tein SS coilovers, removed the rear Wise-sports replica lip in hopes of acquiring a TS diffuser, installed a new TS vented carbon hood, and refreshed the front end of his car.

Garland- Garland has seemed to wind down a lot since the sale of his supra, but rest assured his MR2 will not disappoint you if you ever run into it on a twisty road. In place of his supra he picked up a brand spanking new Lexus IS350 for weekend cruising. The MR2 will be an ongoing project just like the rest of the cars that comprise Douro Oni, but for the time being things remain static on it until Garland has more free time to devote to his Mt. Monster.

Frank- Frank has seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth for a while there, but he has certainly resurfaced now. This time though he has resurfaced in the heart of Southern California's tuning industry. He has teamed up with famed D1 driver and Formula-D competitor Ross Petty to be a part of Garage Boso. With thier efforts put together I am sure they will go far.