Curtis' Supra dominates Super Street time attack
Inside information from Street Tire class competition

(Photos at the end of article)


Douro Oni member Curtis was joined by Drew, Brian and Jason acting as support staff along side Dyno Extreme in a bid to win Super Street time attack’s street tire honors. 


Curtis was biting his nails on the sidelines as Matt Andrews piloted his car to an incredible 2:01.50 around the 13CW configuration at Buttonwillow.  A new respect was found for the car, the driver and the team.


“It really was a great day” according to Douro Oni member Drew “It made me remember why I love motorsports, and I knew Curtis car was good but… wow.”   Words were also spoken for the driver Matt Andrews “This is what I do, I look at data, I know how to tell a good driver when I see one.  You know everything the driver is doing. I am thoroughly impressed and looking forward to working with Matt in the future”


Through a day long effort the team managed to beat out the nearest competitor Falken RX7 (see photo) for the fastest time of the day.  The staff from tire sponsor, Yokohama was on hand and everyone was shocked and pleased by the unbelievable 1.3 lateral G’s achieved on a street tire (Advan Neova).  Even the Yokohama staff was excited and shocked to see the data (see photo).   Especially considering the same set of tires was used for a full day of racing and an unbelievable four sessions and still able to make the return trek home.  The car was driven to and from the race!


As the Falken crew exited prior to the awards ceremony the crew celebrated through an exhausted state


I believe the effort can be best summed up by these quotes from the team:


 “One of the things that I really appreciated was that everyone on the team was willing to do what was needed to do to make the car faster, and everyone was learning. It really was a highlight of my day when I went to ask JC to retighten the lug nuts right before the 2nd session. His reply was, “it’s already done”. This group of guys were really starting to look and act like a pit crew. Very confidence inspiring for a driver. (but Curtis, if that dead pedal comes loose under my feet again while I’m on track I’m going to feed it to you. )”

-Matt Andrews



“You know what was the coolest thing about this effort to me? Compared to some other things I am involved in, everybody was there for the love. Nobody was getting paid, nobody had products they wanted to market out of the deal nobody was there because they wanted to have a trophy to impress chicks.


We were up against pro teams sponsored by big dollars and there to win on Sunday and sell parts on Monday. Everyone went out there humble and just to compete for the love of racing, and especially for the love of the Supra, then walked away with the glory. Isn't that what its all about? I can't say thanks enough for the invite to help Matt and Curtis with such a great car, driver and team.” -Drew


“I agree. It was really great to watch the whole team kick ass just for the sake of it.


Hopefully we start to see more Supra's coming out to these events and like the "dyno queens", begin to really push the limits of everything that is MKIV.” –Mike aka Sidoze