Off to a good start

Last night was a grand showing of supra owners and enthusiasts. The turn out was great. With just a rough estimation give or take say 3 cars I could happily say we had close to 30 supras, ranging from MKIII to our current and beloved MKIV supras. Even attendance of ex-supra owners and plain old enthusiasts were present and totally welcomed. This took place at a local car spot. Everyone in attendance was respectful and there were no problems at all but the local police saw it fit to hassle us regardless of the fact that we were patrons of the local starbucks there and were just having a good time. The cops making us leave our area was not expected, so we did not get to properly tell everyone there where the photoshoot location was to be. With this cause of confusion we lost some of our attendees as they tried to follow us to the photoshoot location. All and all it was a great night and I believe those that got lost were in fact thinking of heading home for the night regardless. pics from the night will be posted shortly in this same article. So check back soon. Here are some pics to update this article. A few pictures of our Douro Oni members and some of our close friends as well.