Catching Up With The Times
Whats the haps?

   Another check in for each of the members here at Douro Oni

Drew- Drew's project restoration supra seemed to be off to a great start, but is haulted because his efforts have been drawn to the landspeed race car for the time being. Trying to maintain his race car has been much more of a challenge then expected but he should be ready in time for speed week out on the dry lake bed. The record is in his grasp.

Abe- There has been a lot of changes for Abe in these past months. First of all congratulations are in order as Abe and his long time love have finally tied the knot. So far his cars remain the same and should soon be undergoing some changes as far as maintenance and refinement goes. The great news is that his cars as well as his wife have finally seemed to join him where he resides.

Garland- Garland ran into some troubles as his little demon of a mr2 had undergone some trouble with the motor mounts. All the strain from the power that his motor was producing had overwhelmed a few of the motor mounts, so alterations had to be made and repairs as well. For the moment he is now on a new transmission and all other problems with the mounts have been resolved. This road going go-cart should be back at terrorizing the tarmac in no time at all.

Brian- Routine maintenance has seemed to keep this car down for a bit. With a old slipping clutch Brian's car has to go down for a bit while parts are being sourced to overhaul his clutch. Minor changes will continue to be made to the car until Brian takes that big step into a upgraded turbo, which he already seems to have planned out. Time will tell when this will happen though.

Frank- Well Frank AKA Bender is at it again with his shop. Setting things straight and letting ppl know that they mean business Ross Petty and Frank have been tearing things up and doing well in FormulaD. So far holding Garage Boso/Falken S13 in place within the top6. As Bender continues his endeavors with Garage Boso and Ross, he is starting to add a lot of impressive cars to the list of vehicles he has tuned.

Curtis- Curtis had an upset at the last time attack event. His car came across some issue which kept it from participating in the race. Faced with disappointment Curtis went back to the drawing board and is going to have a slew or upgrades performed while the car is in the shop being worked on. We should all expect a stronger, faster car tearing up the tracks very soon. His Brakes have already undergone some major changes and soon his suspension will as well.

Jason- The angry little RPS13 is starting to see more and more attention. Refinement as we always emphasize has been performed on Jason's 240sx, making it more reliable and more fun to drive. Look for some new upgrades to the braking and the suspension soon. So long as Jason can decide even on what suspension choices to go with.