Time Attack Results
Returning for revenge next year.

Well this years time attack was a close one. It took place Nov 11th at the legendary Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. With ace driver Matt Andrews in the hot seat of Curtis' supra they managed a 3rd place win in the Street Rear Wheel Drive Class. That might not sound like too much to brag about, but the top three in this class were real close.

We won 3rd place RWD Street Tire . (1:42:17)
2nd place went to a 550rwhp nsx that weighed 3000lbs w/ driver. (1:42:15)
1st went to to a 750rwhp 350z. (1:42:08)

we missed 2nd by 2 hundreths of a second and first by less than a tenth of a second....

Here are some pics from the event.