Drew's 2007 land speed racing season result
Blood and sweat pay off, achievement just out of reach

 After a bitterly frustrating year fighting weather conditions and the Southern California fires of 2007 with Drew unable to run half of the races, he managed to achieve 174MPH and then 174MPH again both while running against a 175mph record. "I should have had a salad for breakfast" according to Andrew Brilliant (aka Drew) the car's driver, with just 0.6MPH to the Land Speed record.

Well, without further adieu we'll let the video speak for itself!

Andrew Brilliant's note: "I would like to thank Brian from Douro Oni, for always listening to my hairbrained schemes. KBR Performance, my only sponsor, my sister Julia, Magnus Motorsports, Team NABR and Road Race Engineering. Last but not least, my girlfriend for not killing me over my obsession with setting a land speed record."