News update
Where is everyone at?

Drew- "Rebirth of a race-car." Drew is starting his build up yet once again. With achieving recognition in his landspeed efforts and having completed his personal goals, Drew sets his eyes on some new sites. His eclipse has been in a sense reformatted to begin its life in a different kind of racing forum. Reborn a time attack car, the fab work and setup is impressive. Look out for his car, as it will soon be featured on Urban Racer.


Abe- "The married man." He so far has sold his race-cars and focuses on building his future. Motorsports will never be out of his life though. Some things are brewing as we speak already, but nothing can be said just yet publicly. He will be back behind the wheel of another screamer in no time.


Brian- "Sticking to his roots." Brian claims that with the transformation of his supra last year he plans to attend more venues, but keeps reminding everyone that his car although possibly considered a good looking car is no where near a show car. "This thing was built for the streets. It was built to be driven and enjoyed, not to sit still in a showroom or a parking lot." In the mean time rumors of another possibly impressive daily driver circulate. Small improvements to the supra will still continue to be made. 


Jason- "Looking forward to new beginnings." With the demise of both of his 240sx's (RIP) he sets his sights on a new project. His new project is a Lexus sc300. With so many potential capabilities this car will surely become something impressive.


Garland- "The lost member." After selling his supra garland has settled down and seldom tinkers with his touge shaking Mr2. His come back has been awaited and will continue to be until he returns.


Jose- "The new guy". Jose has been taking it slow. Focusing on family and getting in shape has left his m3 partially neglected. Neglected possibly yes but forgotten no. Plans are still set for the car, but time lines have changed for the moment is all.


Curtis- "Making the move." Curtis has accepted a promotion that brings him back to where it all started. Curtis has moved back to the Bay Area where it all began. It has been a long awaited return for Curtis and everyone here is happy to see him back in the bay. His time attack efforts with his supra will still continue, but will be a challenge to do so. Since he has moved to the Bay Area he is further away from the support of the venders and friends he has in Southern California.  Taking 3rd in his class at the last time attack event, refinements must be made to stay competitive. Keep an eye out for the track times of the Street RWD class. You might just see "Matt Andrews RobiSpec / HB Speed / Yokohama Supra" listed within the top. 


Frank- "Norcal to Socal and back." Frank has been a busy boy. He has had the privilage to tune and maintain a decent amount of Falkens drift cars over the years and still maintains the same day job. His shop has been flurishing and in due time Frank will be building up some crazy time attack cars as well. Look out for him at this months Formula-D event.