2008 Super Lap Battle Champions. My BURRITO WRAP UP.
Curtis, Matt and team have done it again.

2008 Super Lap Battle Street Tire RWD Class Winner.
Official Time 1:57:711


Where do I begin? Perhaps i should start 3 years ago when we won Street class over all in '06 with a time of 2:01:50. Ever since then the supra's been on a mission to prove our cadillac sized cars can handle with the best of them. We began searching for companies and parts to make the supra into our ideal handling beast. We relied on HYDRA EMS for our stand alone engine system that helped finesse out as much power as possible. We then asked for the support of Boost Logic for their expertise and go fast turbo systems to really wake up the potential of the supra. JIC., Carbonetics LSD and KW' stepped up to the plate and helped get the mechanical grip to it's peak. APR and Modellista Designs helped form the aero work that would allow the supra to slide through the air and generate maximum downforce. And finally, Yokohama gave us the shoes to tie everything together. Fast forward to 3 days ago and we're closer than we've ever been before to achieving our goals.

We arrived in Buttonwillow CA home of the unofficial time attack track of the US, and began unloading the supra filled with tires and tools (yes we drove the fucker 260 mi to the competition. It's a street car.) We dialed the boost to 22psi and let Matt Andrews do what he does best. Some say he once talked himself in getting a free MD hood and then misspelled the companies name in a magazine, others say he will not eat at a place w/o white table cloth. All I know is, he's got a lead foot and can get the car back to me shiney side up . Matt rips through the gears and is able to break the illusive 2:00 barrier at Buttonwillow on street tires. Up until this year this was the magical number to beat for street tire rwd cars. Needless to say we're happy with our 1:59.20 time. Suddenly we see the car go off track. There's something wrong with the car and the car is towed back. A blown tire and blown fuel relay were the culprit. Yes guys, he's just that fast. Daniel (exodragon) and Sean Morris are a godsend and diagnose our fuel issues and were able to get the car back together. We pack up and drive to our lovely roach motel.

Morning comes and we know we have competition. A finely tuned N/A s2000 as well as a deadly Elise are the cars that had the potential to snatch our plastic trophy away. Practice session rolls around and we click off a mid 58 securing our position as a top qualifier. The s2000 and elise are about a second behind. We make last minute aero and tire pressure adjustments and try upping the boost to 24 psi. I was hessitant considering the motor was tired and #2 had low compression. We had dynoed 500rwhp at 24psi (we should be hitting at least mid 500's on a healthy motor.) But since we did not have enough time to pull the motor and get it fixed before the race we settled for our 500. Matt goes out for the first timed session. The car is moving. I mean, it has never looked so planted going through the corners and ripping through the gears. The aero work and KW suspension really improved the car, we're talking seconds worth of improvement. In addition, this was our first time testing out the carbonetics carbon carbon lsd which did its job. We were able to get power down much earlier at the apex and able to accelerate out of the corner harder than before.

Matt pulls in after 5 laps and has a dissapointed look on his face. " We only hit 20 psi. Where's the other 4?" I take the car back out to the streets and do some pulls to verify. Yep. Car is laggy as hell and maxes out at 20psi..then 19... etc. The culprit was a burnt maifold gasket. Game over ... we thought. We checked the times to see how bad we did. 1:57.711. I think i felt my dick move. Running back like a school boy that just got his first erection, i yelled to the team 57.7!!!! We were excited. And everyone else popped a boner too...except for Matt because he drives a miata.
"But will the time hold?" i asked myself. We had no other choice but to wait and see. The car was going to run only slower if we took it back out. And our competition seemed to be getting faster. The blue s2000 clicked off an impressive 1:58:37 and would not give up. The owner of Voltex (japanese aero company) was seen creating last minute aero parts to help the s2k gather every tenth of a second it could muster. My hats off to the evasive team for their fighting spirit and amazing s2k. At the end of the day, our time stood...

Thoughts for next year: Heal motor. More Aero. Unused shaved Neova's. 1:55's is my bet.

My Support and Team.

Matt: Thank you for your support, good looks, and lead foot. You've been an excellent friend, driver and mentor. If i was gay, you know i'd hit that.
Drew: You've created an aero monster. Your advice and expertise has resulted in 2 championships within 3 years. A well deserved pat on the back.
Sean M: Sean, as i mentioned earlier, thank you for your support and expertise. Now add some text to your gtr blog and maybe it'd be as successful as autoblog
Jason: Although you weren't there you've done more than your fair share of wrenching as well as given your blood sweat and tears to this project. I expect to see you on board for '09
Jake: Your first year in time attack and you were right on it like a pro. Thank you for crewing!
Daniel: My southeast asian brotha. Working at Boeing certainly has it's perks...for me . Thank you for all the help you've give at the time attack and through out the years. But aside from all that, I look forward to balling you ass up soon.
Debbie: Thanks for being a great gf.

Mikey/ Nils / Ken / Factor X crew: If i ever have to go into battle, I would definitely team up with these guys. I have never met a more friendly, helpful group of people in my life. Whether it's giving sage advice, to lending tools and relays you guys are a step above the rest. Thank you for everything you guys have done and congrats on your finnish.

Manly: I never thought a competitor would be such a friend. Thank you for your support and cigars through out the event. What you've done w/ that lotus is truly astounding. And for '09 welcome to team yokohama!

My Sponsors for '08

Yokohama: Paul, hands down we would not have been able to achieve our goals with out Yokohama's help. They are truly the best street tires out there. Keep in mind our time was achieved on 4 month old neova's. Next time, shaved and new ad08's!
BoostLogic: Kean and Zohair. You guys put together the BEST turbo systems out there. The miata and supra ran dead reliable using your kits and provided the power and grunt we needed to accomplish our goals. We hope to make you even more proud in '09.
KW/Robispec: The legs of our beast. Thank you for your dedication and support to our team. With your help, the supra community now has a quality suspension kit that is able to turn w/ the best of the best.
Carbonetics: I hated that stock diff. Forget the TRD. The carbonetics 1.5way carbon on carbon lsd is THE ONLY LSD you should have your eyes on. Look at the times. (plus it's dead quiet , no clicks or thunks at all!)
KBR: Karlo, your help this past season has made a big difference. There are very few shops that I trust my Supra with, and if you're in Vallejo or the north bay, there is no other supra shop you need to visit. I look forward to winning with you in '09!
VEXmotorsports: Danny and Vann, your punctual and excellent service is not the norm in this industry. Thank you for prepping the car and fabricating the remaining aero pieces to give us that edge we needed.
JT Detailing: OI! Jake, thanks for making the supra the shiniest car out there on the track. You don't know how many people came up to me and said "this car is too pretty to be on the track." if they only knew..
HB SPEED: Tuning Tuning Tuning. Need i say more?
HYDRA EMS: The brains of the car. Your EMS has been so reliable that we don't worry half as much as other teams that have to mess w/ their ecu. Thank you for building the best kept secret in Engine Management systems for the supra.
MVPmotorsports: THE authority for all supra parts. Dusty has watched our team grow over the years, and has supported us all through it. Dusty, let's get this car to TX2k8.