As usual things are hectic and busy.
More changes soon to come.

Drew is back in Japan and soliciting work with a few race teams and parts manufactures to produce some possible AMB Engineering aero products. With all that, he is still holding down his job and doing freelance writing for urban racer and possibly D-sport magazine.  The land speed turned 2009 FF limited class champion time attack car is hibernating for the moment back home in the US. Here are some pics taken by our good friend Boris. Check out some of his other photo sessions on his blog at


Curtis has been up to his usual antics with business, cars, and what’s this..? producing more new parts? Curtis partnered up to start a new brand and possibly sister company to Modellista Designs called Mint Speed. The first limited product that they are producing is a full titanium front upper strut bar for the JZA80 Supra. The design that this titanium bar originated from is the renowned TRD sturt brace. The original TRD bar is beefy, rigid, and stylish but made of steel and weighting in at 11lbs. The new titanium bars weight comes in at a hair under 3lbs. We’re looking forward to seeing what new designs will be next on the production line for Mint Speed.

Brian has unfortunately slowed down with his progress due to the abundance of cars he is tinkering with now and the ever so common problem lack of funds. Small upgrades here and there have been made but nothing worth mentioning though. Mean while he has been working on a possible new look and redesign for Dour Oni. Check out the final design..

If you frequent our website often enough you may have noticed that our members section has become smaller. The missing members have been labeled inactive because life as we know it eventually catches up with you and due to that cars, tuning, and racing sometimes has to take a backseat to it. They might not be active but they are never forgotten and we here at Douro Oni await their return. There are some possible new member prospects in the works as well that you should keep a look out for.