Ever evolving.
Been a long time.

Well Things have cetainly moved on since the last update that was posted so long ago. Curtis is gearing up the supra to go into competition once again with a new E85 tune and some body mods to fit some even more major meats under the fenders.

Drew is still in japan working his magic and doing aero consulting with different firms. He just finished up a project involving APR and helped the FXMD's Cricket NSX on some aero work. Brian made good on his word and started to attend more local car shows with some of our other friends. Taking 2nd place @ WekFest 2010 in the supra category and 2nd place @ Spocom in San Mateo for overall Toyota class. A few new additions made it on the car, with the now 6th pair of seats to have been changed in and a new intake setup that was custom made to improve the response of the supra.

Jason is making a come back with a newly acquired black kouki S14 240SX that we all can't wait to see and a congratulations goes out to our friend Mike Louie on the grand opening of his shop Competition GT in Costa Mesa, CA. Both Curtis and Drew are sponsored by Competition GT and slated to compete this year.