Been an extremely long time since we've checked in.

 I'm typing this from my iPhone, so please ignore any typos. I swear it is the autocorrections when words are used out of context.

Drew has become a permanent resident of Japan. His race car by now is well known amongst all the FWD road course and time attack fanatics. He still continues his aero consulting business and has worked on some massively impressive time attack machines. I am not sure if I am at liberty to divulge any names but lets just say some A & B listers in the time attack realm. His famous eclipse is possibly going to be for sale due to living in Japan and making it tough to campaign a car in the US. Keep an eye out for AMB Aero and his insane white wide body eclipse.

Brian is nearing the end of his schooling and anxiously waiting to get out there and start working. His supra on the other hand had suffered a wreck, but came back better then ever. Largely because of his loving fiancé. As a wedding gift she went and had the entire car repainted while it was in the shop as a surprise. Expect some new pics to go up soon in his members ride section.

Jason is still in the build with his Kouki S14 and it to is makin it's way into the shop to go under the knife soon. It's had a ton of suspension and performance work done so we are expecting something spectacular soon from him.

Curtis has sold his supra and moved on to living the life. He's finally settling down a bit but of course not without some toys. He traded in his 4-wheel go fast for some 2-wheel action. Ducati's are just so nice..

Eric has parted ways with his MK3 in hopes to focus and hone his mk4 into something amazing. Just as Brian's car was coming out, Eric's car was going in. A full transformation is in the works, so stay tuned and expect some awesomeness from Eric as well.

Some new members are still in the works as they are building up their cars to the standards they feel are worthy to display here as one of our members. We'll just wait patiently as it should be something good to behold.


Sorry for the infrequent updates ppl. Life catches up to you when you're to busy having fun.