Coming back
Small update..

Drew- Mr. Brilliant was interviewed by for his views and explaination of aerodynamics and the full article/interview is on their website. For those of you that are interested in the read I will include the web address to the article under this paragraph. In the mean time though he was woo'd by some high end head hunters for his aero skills. Lets just say some open wheel type race cars that race world wide. He still continues his aero consulting business and is a happily married bloke living in Japan. Congrats again my friend.


Brian- well Brian tied the knot as well and with the help of his wife brought the supra back better then before. He's finally done with school but struggling in this economy to even find a job. Since the supra was brought out of the bodyshop the cars been through some minor upgrades here and there and the response is ever getting better on the car. Refinement in a build like his is the sum of all the small modification that brings about a larger more cohesive impact. The car has also been to a few car shows and took home a couple of second place trophies and plaques, not bad for a street car. 

Eric- Eric had the bodyshop treatment with his mkiv supra as well but it came back not just with that looks changed but with some major engine upgrades. The car returned with a full respray and bodykit, turbo upgrade, clutch upgrade and a refresh on all the major seals etc. the car has been totaly redone. check out his fresh new upgrades in his members rides section.