Evolution & Change
We apologize for the lack of updates.


 Over the years things have been changing at a rapid pace, but not in the direction any of us truly foresaw. This group has been wavering and neglected for years as most of its current members have moved on to other things or just plain and simple do not have time anymore for hobbies. It's already been said on this website in a few places but life catches up. 



Mr. Brilliant is still doing his thing in the land of the rising sun. He resides in Japan but is constantly traveling due to his hectic and booming schedule of contract work as a automotive aerodynamics consultant. He has worked with many top time attack and race teams all over the world. His personal car/test bed is still alive and kicking for now. It is slated for more improvements as usual and should be participating in a few events this year. As most of you don't really know Andrew does all his automotive work as for his own personal growth in regards to experience and education. It has given him opportunities that he would never have been offered if he did not take the plunge and commit so much of himself to his passion. His competitive nature, ingenuity, and strive for self improvement alongside this passion he has is what propels him towards the top of his class.



Brian has shelved his supra for a long time as the focus has become more towards family. Although the supra has been in hibernation Cars don't escape his mind nor his wife's. As a daily driven family car they had picked up a new toy to play with and haul the family around in. Brian had acquired a 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution IX GSR. Although Brian is not a stranger to AWD this cars characteristics are vastly different from any other that he has driven. In factory form the Evo had already displayed a sharp and responsive turn in and steering. With minimal loss of traction on corner exits Brian can confidently lay into the throttle and boost out of turns rather then holding back and modulating his throttle control to maintain traction on a FR corner exiting. This car has all the room he needs for now and can still be tuned and driven in a enjoyable fashion. The AWD will also come in handy when in the rain and heading north to Tahoe to partake in some snow activities with the family. The supra may have been slumbering for some time but not forgotten. A few upgrades are making their  way onto the supra in certain areas that have not received much attention besides the usual minor changes. The bulk of the attention will be to the brakes of the car. 



Eric has been touring the show circuits on this side of the coast with his car the past couple of years. After some upgrades and a repaint his car came out with much more attention applied to details that help add that extra special touch to it. His engine bay had a massive make over. Again with no attention to detail spared it was adorned with plenty of polished parts a full wire tuck and a upgraded single turbo to not only help it look better but to also generate heaps of power. Everything in this car has either been replaced with a brand new factory version or upgraded to a better unit. This is his pride and joy so Eric did not spare any expenses on its restoration and improvement. Soon enough it will see a bunch of new changes again. We all cant wait to see whats in store for it.