Bazar encounter with a CRAZY BMW driver on local touge
Driving like a bat out of hell on the Touge

A normal Douro Oni cruise of the local Touge took a strange turn.

"I was following up the rear of the group in the slowest car of us all, my daily driver. The first thing I  noticed was that we were going faster then we ever had as a group. At first I thought 'wow something must have lit a fire under Brians ass today' but that something was a someone. My tires were squealing on every corner and they were pulling away. I had to get creative to keep up" said Douro Oni member Drew.

According to Brian the BMW  driver was going from lock to lock, one side of the road to the other. "the lane divider meant nothing to him, I stayed in my lane though, I didnt have a death wish"

"That guy was crazy" was all Garland told this reporter.

Upon stopping we learned that the car's owner was the retired Editor of Hot Rod magazine! He lived on that road so he drove it once or tiwce per day at least. "Either way thats damn fast for a 3750lb bone stock car. The funniest part was when we found out he had a home Air Conditioning unit flying around in his trunk the whole time"

Greg seemed definately impressed "You guys were right on me the whole time, nobody has ever done that". He asked some questions "What kind of cars are those again??".

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